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Sharing experience, knowledge, hopes, ambitions and fears with a board of peers is enormously beneficial to my business and to me as an individual. Consultants can only go so far - nothing beats the real life lessons that a peer group of this stature can give. Give me real experience over books and gurus any day! The TAB process has made me do things that I needed to do in the business. Joining TAB is the most important thing that I have done in the last 6 months!

Ian Thompson - Partner, Thompson Brand Partners

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Sales and Marketing
7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Salespeople

Many salespeople are simply not good. Most private business owners and sales managers would agree. A huge percentage of salespeople do not consistently achieve desired results, and most consistently fall far short of their goals.

Despite the fact that most owners tend to tolerate sales mediocrity and hang on to weak salespeople far too long, over 50% of sales representatives hired today will not last one year in their company. 

The statistics are overwhelming. Mediocrity in sales is rampant. And there is good reason. Most salespeople ended up in sales by default. They did not study Sales at school or pursue a degree in Sales at University. Most employees in the profession of sales are there because they attempted other professions that didn’t work well for them, or because they couldn’t earn the type of income they desired doing what they originally intended to do. As a consequence, good salespeople are difficult to find and ineffective ones are everywhere.

Those rare, excellent salespeople are effective not due to their intellect or fancy techniques. They simply have good habits, while the ineffective majority of salespeople have poor habits. Here are seven of the most popular habits of highly ineffective salespeople…

Expanding Your Sales Channels

Many of us think that to grow our sales team we need to recruit direct sales people. You can grow your sales team by adding channels…

Understanding Sales Incentives

Incentives are an important part of our sales compensation. They are somewhat complex, since we pay commissions on each sale, profit margins and financing parameters. Faced with employees who claimed they "couldn’t understand" their remuneration, I shifted the burden to them…

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Power of Referrals

Referrals are increasingly becoming an even more powerful way of getting high quality leads and consequently, increasing sales.  If you are looking for a plumber or an electrician, where do you go?  Most of us would ask someone we know for a recommendation.  Well this is no different for many services and products we seek and buy these days.  We value the comfort that we get from engaging with someone/something that our peers have had a good experience with.  TAB has written a white paper which talks about how you can build your business through referrals.  Click here to download.

By : Dave McCartney, TAB Facilitator
Following the Trail

I spend a lot of time honing our sales process and I’ve learned that sometimes a lead is not going to generate a sale; it’s going to lead me to the decision maker who will. My sales team knows how to refine leads to make sure they're cultivating the right person in a potential client company.

By : Mark Rubinstein
Hunters versus Farmers

Organising your salesforce by position makes a great deal of sense. Typically outside sales is handled by a "hunter" who stalks big game and makes the cold calls and initial sales. Inside sales are handled by the "farmers" of the world and their main focus is maintaining or servicing a customer, as well as growing the relationship. Each position requires a different set of behaviours to be successful, and therefore behavioural profiles are useful in the recruitment process.

By : Tim Jones, Engineered Equipment
Don’t Let Technology Trip Them Up

Don’t let your salespeople get too dependent on technology. We recently had an experienced salesperson call to present a major business service. Her presentation was built around graphics and demos on her laptop, which suffered a hard drive failure just as she started. She went completely on "TILT," unable to discuss what we had assembled our executives to see, and without a backup plan. After stammering for a while about how this had never happened and she didn’t know what to do, she excused herself and made another appointment. Remember, first impressions count, and your prospect’s time is important.

By : Claud Gilmer, UDP
Are Your Salespeople Respectful?

I find that the majority of salespeople who cold call my businesses, either by phone or in person, have an arrogance about them that turns me right off. It doesn’t matter how busy I am, they expect me to drop everything because they have the answer to all my problems. When you come in or call, ask me if I have a minute to listen to what you have to say. If I tell you I am really busy, don’t argue with me. Ask if you can email the information, so that I can read it in my time. Ask if you can call back later or leave a contact number. If you sell to other business owners, make sure your salespeople respect their time.

By : John Pritchard, Divine Wines Vintners Ltd.
The Economy is Not To Blame

I never allow discussion of a "bad economy" in our offices; it’s not an acceptable excuse for poor sales, purchasing, team building or any element of running our business.

By : Manny Bonomo, Diamond Fasteners
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