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As a member of The Alternative Board, you have exclusive rights to TAB’s proprietary business tools that will help turn your business and personal visions into reality.

TAB Business Vantage® is an online assessment tool designed to address ten key areas of performance that affect practically every business. The results will equip you with the information critical to making the right decisions, and investing the right resources to propel your company forward.

This assessment is not just for the business owner. Partners and key employees can also participate. The cumulative results of the TAB Business Vantage assessment allows you, with the help of your TAB facilitator, to evaluate your expectations against your partners’ or key employees’ expectations, actual performance of the business and perception of the company performance as a whole.

TAB members can also compare the results of their company’s assessment to companies within the same industry across the country.

Strategic Business Leadership® (SBL) is designed to help you achieve your goals and aspirations by focusing on strategic solutions rather than simply accomplishing tasks. Do you remember why you started your own business? Was it to have more money? Have more time with your family? Give you greater freedom?

With SBL, you and your TAB facilitator will formulate a plan by converting both the goals and visions for your personal life into a strategic plan for your company. Developing action plans to achieve your desired personal and professional goals will help you find more enjoyment in your business and become happier in your personal life.  Of course your fellow Board members and TAB Facilitator will also support, encourage and hold you accountable for implanting your plan and achieving the results you want.