• "TAB Board meetings are a safe place where I can discuss the deepest of business issues." read more
  • "TAB has become an integral part to my business and is as important to me as a client meeting." read more
  • "I've got a great TAB Board who I can trust to listen to my issues and give me invaluable guidance."
  • "Regardless of the specific skills or background, every member of my TAB board has provided me with ideas that I can use to improve my business."

  • "As your business grows, you always learn more things that you're supposed to be doing or need to be planning for." read more...

  • "I've learned to manage my business objectively by the numbers. It is making a huge difference in my management style and the growth of the business." read more...


Business Success Stories

The Most Effective Business Tools Available

According to members who have many small business success stories from leveraging our small business resources and business support services, The Alternative Board ® is the most effective business tool available to owner-managed businesses – offering unparalleled entrepreneurial advice, the best business assessment tools and ideas, and strategic business planning assistance to improve the personal life of business owners.

Here is what some of our members say:

Ian Thompson
Thompson Brand Partners - Leeds, West Yorkshire
“Sharing experience, knowledge, hopes, ambitions and fears with a board of peers is enormously beneficial to my business and to me as an individual. Consultants can only go so far - nothing beats the real life lessons that a peer group of this stature can give. Give me real experience over books and gurus any day! The TAB process has made me do things that I needed to do in the business. Joining TAB is the most important thing that I have done in the last 6 months!”.
Jacqui Hall
CNG Ltd - Harrogate, North Yorkshire
“We’ve been going through a management buy-out over the last 12 months and my TAB Board have been amazing at helping me get through the issues that have been coming up through that process. It has been my saving grace. And these people are giving me their advice for free!”