Tips from the Top - December 2017


Visualising Goals – Shared Success

A generous TAB member is rewarding his employees with a Christmas night out with a twist – to New York for a long weekend.   Phil Anderson who owns a financial services firm is taking his staff on the trip of a lifetime as a thankyou for achieving their individual and team goals set at the start of the year. 

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Managing your Mail

Email is no longer the business enabler it once was. Too many people receive more email in a day than they can read. Important information is lost in the noise of irrelevant or less important emails. It becomes impossible to notice or find the critical information when you need it.

We have pulled together some rules, observations, tools and good practice that seemed to help.

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What Characteristics Make a Good FD

I regularly get asked as part of my role as a TAB facilitator what makes and good Finance Director (“FD”), so I thought I would set out the 7 characteristics which I believe are required.  I think a useful point to make from the outset is that the role of the Finance Controller (“FC”) and that of the FD are different but in SMEs the lines between these roles may become blurred.  It is important to note however, that the FD “DIRECTS” and the FC “CONTROLS” the day to day operations of the finance function.  The required characteristics are ...

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Resilience: How to Ride the Waves

I like this definition of resilience “Resilience is being able to quickly bounce back from adversity”. At some point in your life you will experience some sort of setback: you will have to deal with loss, uncertainty or change, and how you react and deal with these problems will impact both the outcome and the long term psychological consequences for you. Being resilient is not about being heroic or suffering in silence when you are in trouble and we can prepare well for the inevitable crises.

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Quick Tips

Hiring for Attitude is Key

As owners, we set the tone for the culture, and new team members need to match the culture.

By : Mark Weida, Street Smart Auto Brokers

On Issues…

Closing of an issue can be more important than raising a new one.

By : Jason Brand, Wanna Internet

The Right People Are Essential

All your future business plans and success are dependent on having the right people. Without the right people, you can’t execute even the simplest of plans.

By : TAB Board