Making the Most of Credit Insurance

Most businesses, especially those who Factor or Invoice Discount to support their cash flow, understand the concept of Credit Insurance, but it is surprising how few actually use it. Mainly this is because it can be expensive, and sometimes a little "clunky", and it only covers a proportion of the debt - so you may still lose your margin. In times when margins are under constant pressure, the insurance is often a cost cut early.

What many businesses understand less well, however, are the many hidden benefits. The Credit Insurers invest heavily in managing their own Risk Exposure and are often very well informed. So if they don't want to take more (or any) credit risk on a particular company, should you be? Therefore, they can be a remarkably reliable health check for any trading relationship. 

So why not think about catching up with your local Credit Insurance specialist and see where you may be more exposed than you think? There is a select group of businesses and sub-contractors out there who insured their Carillion debts, and are feeling very relieved now!