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Connecting leaders with each other across the UK and worldwide

Our story

We believe your business should give you what you want from life.

We’re here to help you reach both your business and personal goals.

Back in the America of the 90’s, our founder Allen Fishman, realised that his non-executive directors had been invaluable to him over the course of his career, and he wanted to make that experience accessible to all business owners.

Fast forward 30 years and the power of peer advice and coaching has spread across the globe and TAB has helped over 25,000 business owners achieve personal and business success.

In the UK, we’ve been doing just that since 2009. Now with over forty facilitators in operation across the UK, we continue to love what we do, and we know our members do too!

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Results that speak for themselves

This is what our members have to say from our recent survey...


said their business turnover has increased since joining TAB


said their ability to address personnel / organisational issues has improved


said their business profit has increased since joining TAB


said TAB coaching sessions add real value to their business


said TAB membership really helped them during the pandemic


said TAB peer boards add real value to their business


said they have a better work-life balance since joining TAB


TAB board member revenue growth between 2018 and 2019 averaged

TAB_LEEDS_DEC2021 33-1

Meet our central support team

Our head office team are based in Leeds City Centre, and their job is to help our community of over forty TAB facilitators to deliver the best results for the business owners they work with.

Ed Reid
Ed Reid


Mags Fuller
Mags Fuller


Suzanne Bell
Suzanne Bell


Rena Crossley
Rena Crossley

Training and Development

Liam Prendergast
Liam Prendergast

Training and Development

Lydia Jenkins
Lydia Jenkins

Digital Marketing

Emma Woodhead
Emma Woodhead


Tracey Russell
Tracey Russell

Central Admin

We've got boards running across the UK

Discover more by finding your nearest TAB board facilitator.

Our members are stronger together

I realise that when times are hard, I need to be at my best and my TAB Board have helped me get my ‘mojo’ back. They show empathy, understanding and importantly hold me accountable to things I say I’ll do! TAB made a great difference to me when I needed to make some tough decisions for our office structure. I’m pleased that we have implemented changes and have a new streamlined and dynamic environment which I’d have struggled to achieve on my own.

Adrian Wing, KCA Ltd & Extreme Designs

My business has really benefited from the TAB experience. The group sessions are a great opportunity to share and solve business challenges with a bright group of people who really challenge you to think differently about the way you do things. Stuart is an excellent coach, in our one to one sessions he helps me to reflect on what I want to get out of my business and how I am going to make that happen. In the last year we have achieved around 40% growth and I am looking at a new business acquisition.

Alastair Shanks, Right at Home

I’ve found a new energy and clarity since I’ve joined TAB: the mix of group and one-to-one meetings gives me a safe space to work on my business rather than in it, and that has been transformative. The necessity of preparing my issue for the board each month in itself helps me think more clearly. Other board members always bring perspectives and ideas I would never have considered and are generous in offering help and contacts and the one-to-one sessions are the perfect mix of support and challenge. I’d recommend it without hesitation.

Alison Jones, Alison Jones Business Services Ltd

Over the years, I have received lots of practical advice on ways to improve my business from my TAB colleagues. Especially during these difficult times for small businesses - knowing you’re not alone and sharing concerns with others who understand has been invaluable and has helped me see the positives in an otherwise bleak time for business. Even though the businesses on my Board are very diverse, we all experience the same fundamental issues and bring different perspectives to tackling them. Board Members may suggest a way forward that I hadn’t previously considered or they may simply validate my own thought process – either way I come away from my TAB meetings feeling re-energised and full of ideas for my business.

Alison Wells, Plane Talking

The Alternative Board has helped me to focus on the company’s key goals and objectives. You really don’t feel you are alone, there is a whole team of other business professionals to support you through any challenging issue you or your company is facing. It really is a great and positive motivating experience. Most importantly, the Board has made a fundamental difference to the performance and profitability of the business.

Bradley Walters, Hi Fi Racks Ltd

Running a business is a challenge, but today’s new problem is something someone else has already dealt with, this week’s craziness is next week’s learning, and tomorrow’s insight is sometimes the inspiration another needs. So it’s about being part of a community who can share, support, and guide and celebrate. We are all individuals but together we are strong.

Simon Hudson, Kinata Ltd

I have a debt of gratitude to TAB after a 400% turnover boost. I can’t speak highly enough of The Alternative Board. It has made a huge difference to our agency. It’s something I would encourage business owners to think about. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the growth we have without TAB.

Adam Bell, Moment

My working life before TAB was extremely challenging and often pretty lonely. It’s often obvious what needs to be done within a business, but TAB gives you the confidence, support, and momentum to take action. The monthly meetings challenge you. I’d have no hesitation in recommending TAB. It has changed my working life – which in turn has made me a happier person.

Anna-Marie Eardley, Waterloo Quay Properties

TAB is an excellent way to interact with other senior management from different walks of life and a variety of businesses. It offers the opportunity to draw on the experience and knowledge of others to guide your own business and to discover how they might tackle or interpret a situation you are facing.

James Walbrin, Dynamix One

The accountability I get from TAB is refreshing.  As business owners, you can be as good or lazy as you want to be and no one will challenge you.  With TAB, I know they will challenge me, which gives me much more focus to get on with what I need to do.  TAB has helped me change the structure of the business, enabling me to delegate more and focus on the important things to take the business forward. During Covid, we needed a new way of growing the business. With the board’s help we put together a plan, which has significantly contributed to our turnover doubling in the last 2 years.

Geoff Hunt, Hey Group


If you're still unsure, the best thing to do is to talk to your nearest facilitator. They will be happy to chat you through the benefits TAB provides and you can ask them all your burning questions. There could even be a coffee involved! Better yet, they can put you in touch with some current members to hear directly from them. Just find your facilitator on the Boards Near Me page.

We have many ways to prove the value of TAB membership. Not only do we have the word of our current members but in our last member survey, we identified that the revenue growth of TAB member businesses averaged 25.7%, that's 5.5 more than the national SME average. In fact, we believe so much in the value TAB provides that we offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Experience TAB membership for three months and if you really don't get value, we give your money back. There's nothing to lose. So why not give it a go?

Whilst all businesses are unique in some way , they still face many of the same major issues with time, people, strategy, money, vision and exit.

You are an expert in your sector, but we are all experts in business. The advantage of working with fellow business owners and leaders from diverse backgrounds is their ability to provide new perspectives and different ways to handle the same situation based on real world experience.

You will also get the opportunity to help others, by offering your perspective and advice. It's a win-win!

It’s easy to find your nearest TAB facilitator, just visit our Boards Near Me page and get in touch with them. They’ll be happy to answer any more specific questions about TAB and how we can help you and your business.

There is a small difference between a coach and mentor. A coach acts as a sounding board and guide, helping coachees tap into their full potential, whereas a mentor offers or imparts their own knowledge and experience to help someone else grow and develop. Our TAB Facilitators endeavour to do a bit of both because ultimately we want you, the business owner, to get what you want from life. We work with you to help you achieve that very personal vision of success.

We're delighted you're interested in a TAB Membership. Your first start is to find your nearest TAB facilitator. Just visit our Boards Near Me page. Once you've found your nearest facilitator, get in touch with them by sending an enquiry. Then they'll arrange an introductory meeting to get to know you and your business, and how TAB could work for you. It's just a chat really and no obligation, so what have you got to lose?

We never say we're better, we're just different. We see each of our members as a consultant because they are running their own businesses and have gained, and are still gaining, so much invaluable experience. A TAB Board is a bit like having half a dozen consultants to help you!

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