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Find your nearest
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Tackle challenges with others by finding
your nearest TAB board and business coach

Finding a business coach means you're not alone.

Plus, business owners who meet together, thrive together.

At TAB, we provide all our members with our powerful combination of: advisory boards, one-to-one business coaching, and exclusive access our Business Builder's Blueprint.

Having a dedicated TAB business coach and board facilitator is the catalyst to our members' personal and business growth. It's why 98% said our coaching sessions add real value to their business.* We have boards and coaches in operation across the UK.

Start your TAB journey by finding your nearest business coach from the list below.

A boardroom where your business coaching session will take place
A business coaching session in the TAB boardroom

Start your TAB journey

Get in touch with your nearest TAB facilitator and coach by finding them on the list above.

Arrange an initial meeting  to get to know each other.

Discover whether TAB is right for you and your business.

Attend your first TAB board meeting and experience the power of peer support.

There’s no obligation, only an opportunity to find out more.

Our members are stronger together

My confidence has grown enormously as a result of the support from Dougie and TAB. Every time I take what feels like a big issue to my Board, I come away feeling that it is much easier to deal with because of the advice I’ve been given by people from very different businesses and backgrounds.

Jolanta Jankowski, Sampson Products Ltd

I have a debt of gratitude to TAB after a 400% turnover boost. I can’t speak highly enough of The Alternative Board. It has made a huge difference to our agency. It’s something I would encourage business owners to think about. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the growth we have without TAB.

Adam Bell, Moment

Since joining TAB I have made some good friends who laugh and cry together, which is testament to how strong the bond of the Board is. The different skills and diverse range of businesses on our Board means you get such a variety of views to help you see things from a new perspective. I couldn’t be without it to help me through some of the challenges I face and the bit of time I need to invest each month in the Board meetings and 1-to-1 sessions has made me more efficient and focused.

Rob Watson, PH9


If you have decided you want to improve yourself and your business, but feel like you don't have the time, how will that change if you don't take action?

TAB encourages you to take time away from your business and benefit from the insight, experience, and wisdom of your TAB facilitator and your fellow board members. It's a chance to take a step back. This way, you can actually save time by making better decisions and learning from others.

Some of our TAB facilitators offer the opportunity to attend a TAB Taster Board Meeting, giving you the chance to experience how TAB works and the value it can provide for you and your business. Equally, if there are places on an existing board and your facilitator thinks you'd be a good fit, they may invite you as a guest. Find your nearest TAB Facilitator to get the conversation started!

You will see your facilitator twice a month, once at the board meeting and the other are you one-to-one session per month. If required, you may be able to extend this, or commission a further session. These can be in-person or online coaching sessions.

Normally these sessions focus on:

  • Commitments you made at the last board meeting
  • Any pressing issues you want to discuss
  • What you need to action to move your business forward
  • Building the strategic foundations of your business using TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint
  • Preparation for the next board meeting

They are designed to provide you with continuous and ongoing support and helping you achieve your goals and objectives.

Please just fill out our contact form, we will look up your postcode and point you in the right direction.


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*Stats based on a recent survey of 93 active TAB members