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Member success stories

Success stories from business owners who have worked with TAB and thrived.



TAB offers solidarity and a great sounding board
by Matt Hamlin

Discover how Matt Hamlin, co-founder of Metron Group Ltd, transformed his business and is on track to achieve their desired 20% year-on-year growth.

From Struggle to Strength: Professor Deborah Eyre's TAB Journey
by Deborah Eyre

Explore how Professor Deborah Eyre, founder of High-Performance Learning, transformed her business and overcame challenges with the help of TAB's advisory board and strategic planning.

The TAB York Effect: Tripling PPS Ltd's Revenue in Record Time
by Joseph Fitzpatrick

Explore how The Alternative Board (TAB) York played a pivotal role in transforming PPS Ltd from a family-run janitorial supplies business into a market leader, tripling its revenue and workforce in just five years.

From Struggles to Triumph: Kerrell's Journey to SME Success through TAB
by Kerrell Blyth

Kerrell Blyth, Managing Director of NCS Ltd, turned her struggles into triumphs through her Leeds South TAB board membership.

The Power of Peer Support: From Bedroom Startup to £2.5M Turnover Powerhouse
by Sheri Irons

Sheri Irons, commercial director based in Aylesbury, talks about her experience with The Alternative Board (UK), leading to accelerated business growth.

Cema Vending Achieved Commercial Success with TAB's Support
by Simon Leadley

By working with The Alternative Board (UK), Simon Leadley from Cema Vending was able to achieve commercial success, which included launching two new brands, increasing turnover, and meeting the demand for healthy, fresh food options and premium coffee in workplaces.

StratPro with TAB holds our leaders to account
by Steven O'Brien

Steve O'Brien, CEO of software company, NewIcon Ltd talks about the experience of his team as they went through the StratPro Programme.

StratPro with TAB finally gave me a cohesive and collaborative team
by Stephen Attree

Stephen Attree, Managing Partner of MLP Law based in Manchester, talks about the experience of his team as they went through the StratPro Programme.

Time to think more independently
by David Scalley

David Scalley, MD of AJT Engineering shares how TAB has influenced better financial management, reporting, and people improvement in his business.

I've stopped doubting myself as a leader
by Ian Hazeldine

Customer success story about Ian Hazeldine who joined TAB and stopped doubting himself as a leader, and got to grips with people management and his finances. 

Peer support energised my business ambitions
by Skylar Atkinson

Customer success story about Skylar Atkinson at Belvoir Aberdeen, who has strengthened her business and brand after being part of a TAB board.

Selling my business quicker
by Hywel Parry

Customer success story about Hywel Parry, Director at Lime Tree Vets, who sold his business quicker and met his personal vision through the help of TAB. 

Finding the support infrastructure I was looking for
by Suzanne Lawson

Suzanne Lawson from Moorland Contract Group shares her business journey and how TAB was exactly the support she was looking for.

How TAB gave me a new lease of life
by Anna-Marie Eardley

Anna-Marie Eardley, Owner of Waterloo Quay Properties, tells us her story and how TAB gave her a new lease of life.

My debt of gratitude to TAB after 400% turnover boost
by Adam Bell

Adam Bell, director at marketing agency Moment, shares his story and his gratitude to TAB after helping him achieve a 400% turnover boost.

Growing in confidence as a leader
by Jolanta Jankowski

Read Jolanta's story about how joing a TAB Board has helped her to develop her role and confidence as the Operations Manager at her business.

Saving time and working smarter not harder
by Rob Watson

Customer success story about Rob Watson, business owner at ph9 Ltd, and how TAB has helped him to save time and make smarter decisions.

Becoming a better business leader
by Dr Stewart Desson

Success story about Dr Stewart Desson from Lumina Learning who became a better leader after joining a TAB Board.

Rediscovering myself as an individual
by Kirsty Davies-Chinnock

Kirsty-Davies Chinnock, Managing Director at PPS Ltd tells us how TAB helped her to rediscover herself and to meet her goals.

A catalyst to improved performance levels
by Jim Liptrot

Customer success story about Jim Liptrot, Business Owner at Howorth Group and how TAB was a catalyst to his business' improved performance.


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