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Overcoming Uncertainty with Strategic Innovation and Dedicated Mentorship

When a business is at the helm of a tumultuous sea, tough decisions often demand attention. And amidst the turbulence of an unprecedented world event, the support of peers and mentors becomes truly invaluable.

Gail Henderson, MD and owner of DEV4 Online found herself in this very situation. Initially founded by her husband, Rob, Gail joined the company in an operational role in 2013.

Together, they braved the challenges wrought by the pandemic. However, when her husband made the decision to pursue regular full-time employment in 2021, the reins of Dev4 Online fell firmly into Gail's hands.

With over 20 years of experience in designing tailored software systems for engineering, inspection, and maintenance companies across the energy sector, their combined expertise remains the cornerstone of Dev4 Online's operations.

Gail Henderson
Dev4 Online

North East Scotland
Software Development

The Dev4 Online's portfolio speaks volumes about its commitment to excellence, catering to a diverse array of business clients. From bespoke offshore engineering software to time management systems, client access web portals, and beyond, Dev4 Online's offerings exemplify versatility and innovation.

To drive Dev Online forward, Gail joined TAB in March 2019. Just as the tumult of the pandemic unfolded, TAB became a sanctuary for open, honest conversations amidst uncertainty.


“Being with TAB has been good. It’s like having a group of mentors but also that double bonus of having Helen as a personal mentor.” 

Gail Henderson, MD and Owner, Dev4 Online

Resource management and cost optimisation emerged as formidable challenges for Dev4 Online. Helen's guidance proved instrumental in streamlining overheads and reviewing their business model and pricing. The accountability fostered by TAB provided the impetus needed to navigate these tough choices.

Dev4 Online now has six developers who want to grow that in the next year - ideally doubling the team.  They have a loyal customer base. It has worked on 80 bespoke software projects – 11 in the last year alone. Many of its clients have been with the company for up to 15 years, having new software built or existing software supported. 

Helen Mill New 600x600

About Helen Mill

Helen, the proud owner of TAB in North East Scotland, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

With a background in engineering, she has a true passion for introducing innovative products and services to the market. Her career includes roles as a product designer at NCR, designing cash dispensers, and later transitioning to the oil and gas sector with Schlumberger and PII Technomarine, where she excelled in developing forecourt equipment and pipeline isolation tools.

Helen also has a strong background in academia, having lectured at Strathclyde University and established a product development centre in Tayside. Her dedication to guiding small companies in development, prototyping, and intellectual property management is unmatched. With a proven track record in research, technology transfer, and commercial activities, Helen is well-equipped to help businesses achieve their goals.

Contact Helen today to learn more about how joining TAB can help you and your business achieve your goals.


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