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StratPro® – Where Strategy Meets Productivity

Empower your team to its full potential with our transformative leadership program.

Get Aligned. Get Results.

StratPro is the perfect program for leaders and their teams who want to achieve their goals. It combines proven strategic tools, expertly facilitated workshops, and follow-up sessions. With StratPro, you'll create a compelling vision, establish a thriving culture, and have the tools to execute your plans efficiently. The outcome is a focused, accountable team that can transform your business and achieve long-term success.

StratPro will help you and your leadership team:

  • Pinpoint the challenges in your business and turn them into opportunities for growth.
  • Create effective and easy-to-follow plans that will inspire and engage your team.
  • Gain clarity, direction, motivation, and accountability to achieve success.
  • Determine the direction and momentum to push your company (and personal life) to achieve success.
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Effective. Efficient. Lasting Impact.

StratPro offers a strategic planning program that stands out by providing seamless guidance from the initial planning phase to execution and refinement. Our seasoned facilitators leverage tested strategic frameworks to help you identify and address the core challenges that hinder your progress.

Gone are the days of strategic plans that are forgotten and left to collect dust on a shelf. Instead, imagine a motivated leadership team that not only fully aligns with the company's vision but is also deeply committed, fully accountable, and has a clear roadmap for implementation. With StratPro, you can achieve this and more.

Why StratPro works

StratPro is a proven business transformation program that helps you create and achieve your strategic vision.

StratPro workshops

StratPro applies a series of intensive workshops to align your leadership team and transform your business.

Enquire about StratPro

Contact us about StratPro and take advantage of the opportunity to create a compelling vision for your business

“It has exceeded my expectations. It has worked exceptionally well for me and the leadership team who now feel like they have a genuine stake in the business and a voice in meetings.”

Stephen Attree, Managing Partner MLP Law

Is StratPro Right For You?

StratPro can help any leadership team find the alignment necessary to take their business to the next level.

Here are some questions to ask if you’re wondering whether StratPro is the right program for you and your team:

  • Do you have a clear vision for the future of your business?
  • Does your team share your excitement for strategic objectives?
  • Do you sense your business hasn't quite reached its peak potential despite your achievements?
  • Are concerns about the shifting market or rising competition keeping you up at night?
  • Is your company culture clearly defined and uniformly embraced across the board?
  • Do you have a solid plan but feel lost on the path to execution?

Looking to improve your business? Consult with our experienced team.

Since 1990, TAB has been at the forefront of driving business success across the globe, supporting over 25,000 companies with our expertise. Our innovative StratPro program is the culmination of this experience, designed to produce enduring outcomes. Let's discover if StratPro is the perfect fit for your business objectives.

Strategic Business Transformation eBook
We wrote the book on strategic business transformation.

Written by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Allen Fishman. StratPro describes the step-by-step process for implementing the StratPro program in your business and how it achieves results.

Why StratPro works

StratPro by TAB gets to the heart of the issues that prevent a business from performing at its maximum potential.

The process consists of facilitated workshops to establish the right strategic direction for your company and align your team to achieve your vision.

You and your leadership team will develop the right strategic plan for your business and implement it with the accountability processes that ensure its successful completion.

By participating in this process, you can expect to grow your business, earn more profits, increase its value, and achieve greater work/life balance.

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TABs Business Blueprint

Built on the Business Builder’s Blueprint™

StratPro offers workshops that include proprietary business analysis and planning tools. These tools are designed to help you maximise your business's potential and keep it on track. 

TAB's Business Builder's Blueprint™ is a platform for business planning and execution. You no longer have to deal with scattered spreadsheets and Word documents. With this platform, you can manage both your strategic planning and implementation from a single, secure, and integrated online system.

TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint™ is the leading strategic business management platform because it:

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Expertly Facilitated Workshops

StratPro facilitators are experienced professionals who have helped many business owners and leaders achieve their goals. The workshops are structured to encourage the best thinking from your leadership team and can be scheduled every two weeks or at a pace that suits your organisation. By the end of the workshops, your team will have a solid plan and process to achieve your goals.

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Enquire about StratPro

If you think StratPro could benefit your business, we would be delighted to demonstrate what you can expect and how our process can transform your organisation. Although you can implement StratPro on your own, we highly recommend you meet with one of our StratPro Facilitators to learn more about our professionally facilitated implementations. Fill out the form, and we will contact you soon.