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Strategic Planning for Business Leaders

With the StratPro strategic business transformation process

Create a compelling vision for your business, achieve greater alignment and accountability in your team, establish a thriving business culture and have the business tools to successfully execute your vision of success.

Why StratPro works

StratPro is a proven business transformation program to create and achieve your strategic vision.

StratPro workshops

StratPro applies a series of intensive workshops to align your leadership team and transform your business.

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Contact us about StratPro and take advantage of the opportunity to create a compelling vision for your business

We wrote the book on strategic business transformation

Why StratPro works

StratPro by TAB gets to the heart of the issues that prevent a business from performing at its maximum potential.

The process consists of a series of facilitated workshops to establish the right strategic direction for your company, and to align your team to achieve your vision.

You and your leadership team will develop the right strategic plan for your business and implement that plan with the accountability processes that ensure successful completion.

By participating in this process, you can expect to grow your business, earn more profits, increase the value of the business and achieve greater work/life balance.


StratPro in action...

StratPro with TAB finally gave me a cohesive and collaborative team
by Stephen Attree

Stephen Attree, Managing Partner of MLP Law based in Manchester, talks about the experience of his team as they went through the StratPro Programme.

StratPro with TAB holds our leaders to account
by Steven O'Brien

Steve O'Brien, CEO of software company, NewIcon Ltd talks about the experience of his team as they went through the StratPro Programme.

StratPro workshops

StratPro Facilitators are not consultants but professionals who have walked the walk and have helped scores of business owners and leaders achieve their personal vision of success.

The following depicts an overview of the StratPro workshops. The workshops can be done as often as every 2 weeks or at a pace that fits your organisation.

Each workshop follows a structured format, designed to solicit the best thinking from your leadership team. As the workshops progress, the leadership team is getting more aligned toward a common vision, with a concrete plan and process to get there.


Enquire about StratPro

While self-implementations of StratPro are possible, we recommend that interested business leaders meet with a StratPro Facilitator to learn more about professionally facilitated StratPro implementations. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.