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From Tradition to Transformation with TAB

Bridget Petty is the director of JPS Limited, an award-winning print management company based in Otley, Yorkshire.

She has been a TAB Leeds North and Centre member for just over seven years, and we recently had the opportunity to hear her story of its transformation guided by the expertise of TAB and her facilitator, Dave McCartney.

How it started

JPS Limited was established by siblings John and Bridget Petty from the Yorkshire printing family, renowned for their commitment to quality, innovation, and integrity within the UK printing industry.

Originating in Leeds in 1865, Petty and Sons embarked on a printing journey that spanned six generations. They evolved with the industry's advancements and pioneered web offset colour printing.

John and Bridget carried on this rich legacy by founding JPS Print Management in 1996, prioritising careful growth and financial responsibility.

Bridget Petty
JPS Limited

<10 employees
Printing Services

The Turning Point

Bridget's journey to success faced a pivotal moment when JPS was forced to look at redundancies, which led to the need for strategic realignment to stay competitive.

Bridget and her team identified new opportunities and secured a large account, which is a testament to their ability to adapt and grow.  

Bridget's leadership during this period was essential in steering the business towards strength and preparedness for future challenges and opportunities.


"Being with TAB has been great. It's like having a group of mentors but also that double bonus of having Dave, my TAB facilitator, to keep me focused and on track."

Bridget Petty, Managing Director, JPS Limited

With John frequently out of the office, Bridget took on the role of handling the majority of decision-making and problem-solving duties. So, in the search for external guidance, they enlisted the services of a coaching organisation.

Unfortunately, they were more memorable for their high cost and lack of impact than for any positive contribution, often rehashing the same unproductive discussions without offering any meaningful advice. Disappointed by this experience and after a period without mentorship, Bridget found a promising opportunity with TAB.  Upon joining TAB, Bridget finally found the support and insights she had longed for.

Being part of a TAB Board encouraged Bridget to engage in open discussions. The transparency and diverse perspectives within the Board proved invaluable, guiding Bridget through a multitude of business challenges by providing a range of ideas for her to consider.

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Bridget's journey highlights the importance of the right kind of mentorship in business. While initially promising, her pre-TAB experience fell short of her expectations, needing more depth and alignment with her strategic objectives. “TAB provides a rich and collaborative environment  which has helped support my personal development and the strategic direction of JPS”, shared Bridget.

Navigating the Sale of a Legacy Business

The recent sale of JPS Limited, prompted by her brother's health concerns and retirement decision, marked a significant milestone in their business. This carefully planned year-long process ensured the team's stability and allowed them to continue achieving optimal financial performance.

To assist Bridget during this transition, Dave recommended the services of the Dexterity Partners team. Their expertise and guidance were instrumental in preparing for and successfully executing the sale of the business.

Looking back on Bridget's transition out of her business, she recognised that not everything was within her control. Some decisions and actions may not have aligned with her preferences, but she embraced acceptance and flexibility rather than dwelling on the past or holding onto regrets.

bridget petty newspaper cutting

Through her experience, Bridget learned the importance of careful preparation and strategic timing when planning a business sale. She thoroughly examined and improved all aspects of the business to ensure it was ready for sale. Timing the sale based on financial performance is crucial, as valuations often depend on these figures. Selling during a financially strong period can significantly increase the business's value.

Bridget emphasised the importance of seeking expert advice and finding the right partners to work with to complete their exit. Her lessons demonstrate that a successful exit can be achieved through proper planning and professional guidance, leading to a meaningful outcome.

The Value of Community

Bridget appreciates the lasting impact of her peer advisory group and TAB facilitator, so much so that even after her exit, she continues to engage with this community.  Sharing knowledge, getting mutual support, and seeking the collective wisdom of fellow business owners is something she feels passionate about – and that’s as much about the giving as receiving.
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