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The Alternative Board Manchester West

Improve your business and change your life with The Alternative Board

Unlock the transformative power of peer support.

Are you searching for a way to break through the isolation, elevate your personal achievements, and steer your business towards greater success?

With over 250 advisory board meetings under his belt in Manchester, Paul Winterbottom knows how transformative peer support can be.

Paul and Rob

Confidence-driven decisions and accelerated growth.

TAB connects you to a diverse range of business owners and leaders who understand your unique challenges.

  • Gain fresh perspectives: Challenge your assumptions and uncover hidden blind spots through valuable input from your peers.
  • Address challenging issues: Overcome obstacles and devise practical solutions with the support of a seasoned team of advisors.
  • Celebrate accomplishments: Share your victories and inspire others to reach new heights of success.

Watch this testimonial video to hear directly from one of Paul's current board members about TAB's transformative impact on his business.

Over 5x

TAB members’ sales growth is 5.5 times the national SME average


Of TAB members said their advisory boards added real value to their business


TAB members report improved ability to address personal and business issues.

Your Manchester West facilitator

I started my TAB business in Manchester West in May 2014. I had enjoyed working closely with SME business owners previously. When I learned about TAB’s Business Owner Advisory Boards, and spoke to owners already benefiting from that support in other parts of the country, it didn’t seem right that Manchester was missing out!

Since establishing my first Board I have seen first hand the value and benefit members derive. Plus, the support, challenge and insight they provide to each other. I’m really enjoying working closely with my members, leveraging the experience I have built up working closely with SMEs over 20 years, and seeing the difference TAB has made to their businesses and in their personal lives.

I’m now running three boards and work as coach or consultant in Manchester. My members include a wide spectrum of business sectors including on-line retail, wholesaling, bespoke software development, construction, distribution and professional services. You can read testimonials from some of those members below.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 I was awarded TAB’s UK Facilitator of the Year.

If you want to find out whether TAB might be right for you and how it can help you grow your business, please get in touch.

Discover the benefits of advice from others like you

Start with you

Focus on what you want in life and how your business can help get you there.

Increase profitability

Be held accountable to meet your business targets.

Improve decisions

Take control of your decisions through peer support and proven planning tools.

Make better time choices

Spend your time well by utilising the experience of others.

Become a better leader

Motivate your people with the guidance of peers and an expert coach.

Plan a successful exit

Get the best result for you with tailored, hands-on support.

Start your TAB journey

Get in touch with Paul using the forms on this page.

He will contact you to arrange an introductory meeting.

 Chat about whether TAB is right for you and your business.

Attend your first TAB board meeting and experience the power of peer support.


Our proven business transformation program is designed for management teams.

Create a compelling vision for your business, achieve greater alignment and accountability in your team, establish a thriving business culture and have the business tools to execute your vision of success successfully.

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Unlock the hidden potential of your people

Enable your team to work better together through DiSC behavioural workshops. 

Member successes and celebrations

A TAB Manchester Board

celebrating a successful 2021

Jim Liptrot

Howorth Air Technolgy

Emma Cook


Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood Photography

Such Amin


Rob Sandbach


Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood Photography

Emma Cook


Cathy Dunlevy

Head Over Heels

Stephen Attree


Rob Sandbach

Indiespring Ltd

Rob Sandbach


Rob Sandbach


Mike Andrews

MD John Bradshaw & Sons

Mark Brocklehurst


Mark Brocklehurst

Sharples Group Ltd

Jim Liptrot

Howorth Air Tech

Flora Maudsley-Barton

Parsonage Limited

Flora Maudsley-Barton

Parsonage Limited

Cathy Dunlevy

Head Over Heels

Cath Kenyon

Kaleida Ltd

Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood Photography

Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood Photography

Andrew Maxwell

MD of Amspec

Adrian Hancock

Clear VC

Ade Hancock

What our members say...

I first met Paul in early 2015 and he introduced me to The Alternative Board. It is no exaggeration to say that this was a turning point in my professional life.

The support that I received from Paul and the other members of our board was a key element in the improvement of our business. TAB helped us to define our company vision; to set goals; to plan strategies to achieve those goals and most importantly for me - to not let me off the hook if I was slacking!

It is not easy being a small business owner, but Paul and the rest of the TAB team make it much easier.

Tyler Lappage, Nabarro Poole

One of the best business decisions of my career was to join Paul and the TAB board. Paul is a fantastic Chairman and superb mentor who challenges you to raise the bar every time you meet be it within the board structure or on a one to one basis. At times running an SME is a lonely place so it’s extremely reassuring to know that within the TAB board we have an extremely tight knit team of critical friends/ Non exec directors for support.

At each meeting I have met on average 4 business owners and Paul with each of the owners presenting an issue that they were dealing with, and I have taken some great advice along with many challenges.

We have covered around 250 topics and each one of us has felt the pain and shared in the success of each others businesses.

The positive effect goes way beyond Howorth, it touches everyone of our employees and reaches out into our supply chain, and clients.

Linking up with Paul and TAB was one of the defining moments in the development of Howorth Air Technology and it will continue to have a major impact for years to come.

Jim Liptrot, Howorth Air Technology Ltd

Paul is a skilled coach, great diplomat but has a real knack of making everything simple and therefore more sticky.nnTo be an effective Board member you need only two things, an open mind and the common sense to accept you haven’t got all the answers, if that’s the case working with Paul & TAB will make your business better.nnI would strongly recommend you give it a go & would be happy to share a few of the gems that have helped us to develop & grow wisely.

Mark Brocklehurst, MD Sharples Group Ltd
Paul helps me get my head straight on a regular basis.

He is the person that holds me accountable, helps me deal with road blocks and and often makes the insurmountable seem quite straightforward when I really need it.

I love being on a TAB board because it provides so much support and a business routine to keep me on top of jobs that can so easily get pushed back and back when the day to day gets in the way.

Paul is supportive, knowledgable, a font of knowledge when it comes to books and business support and always keen to help. Since I started working with him I have made huge improvements to the business and the way I work and I know this will continue.

I would recommend Paul and TAB to anyone running a business that needs someone to advise, bounce ideas off or just listen.
Daisy Whitehouse, Down at the Social

One of the things that's helped me grow Indiespring over the last 14 years is the support and advice from a number of mentors and partners. I have worked with Paul Winterbottom at The Alternative Board for nearly ten years, and his advice has always been golden. One of the great benefits of TAB is access, not only to a business mentor and coach but also a group of like minded business owners.

Rob Sandbach, Indiespring

Almost a year ago I asked Paul if I could join one of his boards, it was one of the best things I could have done for both my development and the growth of my company. Having worked with Paul for the last year, I know first-hand why he has been awarded facilitator of the year by his peers for three years running. The input from Paul’s board and the direct mentoring he has given to me and my co-director have been vital during what has been a massive growth curve for Linten Technologies. In my view, every company owner who wants to grow should be asking to join a board.

Steven Allan, Linten Technologies

I’ve had the pleasure of being mentored by Paul for over a year and the difference that his counsel has made, together with my membership at The Alternative Board, has exceeded all my expectations. Paul has a brilliant coaching style which helps you work through the many challenges that come from running a business. Owning and running a business can be a lonely tough place at times – and working with Paul and my membership of The Alternative Board has been one of my best purchasing decisions of 2016. Having had quite a few ‘business advisers’ seek my attention the past two years – I can honestly say that Paul’s way, his knowledge and his commitment puts him in a league of his own.

John Quinton-Barber, Social Communications

I’ve known Paul for over 3 years and joined a TAB Board facilitated by Paul just under 2 years ago. The support I get from Paul and the other members of the board has been and is invaluable to me. The coaching and mentoring compliments the regular TAB Boards superbly and Paul’s style has helped me make real progress the effects of which are being felt in my business and personal life. I have a clear vision and goals that are driving initiatives which are making a real difference to me and the business.

Stephen Attree, MLP Law

Working with Paul through The Alternative Board (TAB) has completely transformed my approach to running the business. From the 1-2-1 coaching sessions to the monthly board meetings with other business owners, Paul's input and professional approach has helped my business mature from a small "friends and family" operation to a well-structured and strategically sound operation.

Paul has been instrumental in facilitating this transformation with a personable yet professional style that really suits our manner of working. I would recommend Paul and TAB membership to any business owner looking at taking the next step.

Rob Sandbach, Indiespring

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