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TAB Board Meeting

The Alternative Board Farnborough and Farnham

Tackle your greatest challenges and connect with other business owners and leaders in Farnborough and Farnham.

Stuart McCulloch runs TAB advisory boards in Farnborough and Farnham. He loves what he does – helping business owners identify opportunities and solve key challenges they face in their businesses.

Book a call with Stuart to chat about you and your business needs, and how TAB might make a difference.

TAB Board Meeting

Your Farnborough and Farnham facilitator

I have worked in SME, corporate enterprises and as a business owner within the engineering and manufacturing sector. International Sales experience in the high tech laser sector in China, Japan, Korea, Europe & USA has given me many valuable experiences of growing a company.  As a company director of a start-up I have experienced the highs and lows of working for myself. All of this has given me a broad range of skills to allow me to coach and assist people to get what they dream of from their business and personal lifes. 

I started my TAB business in August 2018 after much research into what TAB in the UK and abroad had achieved for its members. I have been inspired by what membership can provide and relish the chance to bring together business owners in my area. At TAB, we are proud to be helping them in their business and personal lives by leveraging my previous experience and the support, challenge and insight TAB Board Members provide to each other. 

TAB run Boards for businesses around the areas of Farnborough, Farnham, Fleet, Bagshot, Bisley and Aldershot. With members across the UK from diverse sectors including manufacturing, construction, IT, professional services, facilities management, marketing and design. 

Growing up in Scotland I moved South 15 years ago after meeting my now wife. I live in Farnham with my wife, son & daughter. I enjoy Crossfit, cycling and watching my children play football and coaching rugby. 

I love meeting new people. If you would like to explore how TAB can help you grow and develop your business, please get in touch. 

Discover the benefits of advice from others like you

Start with you

Focus on what you want in life and how your business can help get you there.

Increase profitability

Be held accountable to meet your business targets.

Improve decisions

Take control of your decisions through peer support and proven planning tools

Make better time choices

Spend your time well by utilising the experience of others.

Become a better leader

Motivate your people with the guidance of peers and an expert coach.

Plan a successful exit

Get the best result for you with tailored, hands-on support.

Our members are stronger together

"Recognising that the business needed to change to survive, one of the actions I took when approached by Stuart was to join TAB. This allowed me to get invaluable insight from peers running businesses from unrelated sectors but still with the same challenges and how they overcame them or how they thought it would be best for me to overcome them."

Ben Barrass, Cascade Engineering

"The value I see in the board is on many layers. Still, beyond a welcome break from the day-to-day activities in the business, I am almost always surprised by the varied, painfully honest and constructive feedback I receive to all manner of issues I bring to the table. Helping others with my experience also allows me to reflect on how I felt in a similar situation and what constant improvements I need to make to my business. At the end of the day, the feeling of focus in the meetings and the ‘can do’ attitude always fires me up for the month ahead."

Doug Johnson, Mesh Energy

My business has really benefited from the TAB experience. The group sessions are a great opportunity to share and solve business challenges with a bright group of people who really challenge you to think differently about the way you do things. Stuart is an excellent coach, in our one to one sessions he helps me to reflect on what I want to get out of my business and how I am going to make that happen. In the last year we have achieved around 40% growth and I am looking at a new business acquisition.

Alastair Shanks, Right at Home

“I have been working with Stuart for almost two years now. In that time, he and my Board have grown my confidence, and my business. From encouraging me to pitch to a potential new clients both here and in Europe, to helping me forecast and budget, to sharing new techie hacks and supporting me with the many challenges a small business owner faces, I'm not sure I would be seeing anywhere near the success I am if I hadn't joined TAB. And, what's more, I love seeing my fellow Board members growing and thriving with my guidance too. It's win:win!"

Kate Shanks , Cosy Meerkat

"I always feel uplifted and more confident following a board meeting.  The challenges we face as business owners are invariably those shared by the other board members. Bringing them to the table puts them in perspective and usually provides several options on how to tackle them.  Support, being non-judgemental and really trying to understand each other's businesses help make the meetings fun, enjoyable and, most of all, invaluable to the growth and well-being of my own business.  The regular one-to-ones help build on this with tough constructive advice.  I would be lost without the support of TAB."

Jan Buckett , JMB Accounting

Start your TAB journey

Get in touch with Stuart.

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During which, you’ll chat about whether TAB is right for you and your business.

Attend your first TAB board meeting and experience the power of peer support.

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