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The Alternative Board Guildford & Woking

Improve your business and change your life with The Alternative Board

Challenge your biggest obstacles and connect with fellow business owners and industry experts.

Leslie Woodcock runs TAB advisory boards in Guildford and Woking. He is passionate about helping business owners identify opportunities and solve the key challenges they face in their businesses.

TAB UK - Testimonial for Leslie Woodcock

Make confident decisions and drive accelerated growth.

TAB links you to diverse business owners and leaders who truly understand your distinctive challenges.

Gain valuable insights: Challenge your assumptions and uncover hidden blind spots with the support of your peers.

Tackle challenging issues: Overcome obstacles and develop effective solutions with a team of experienced advisors.

Celebrate achievements: Share your successes and motivate others to strive for greater success.

Read this from one of Leslie's current board members to learn what being on a TAB board is like.

Book a call with Leslie to discuss your business needs and how TAB can make a difference for you and your business.

Over 5x

TAB members’ sales growth is 5.5 times the national SME average


Of TAB members said their advisory boards added real value to their business


TAB members report improved ability to address personal and business issues.

Your Guildford and Woking facilitator

Leslie is the Owner of TAB Guildford and Woking. 

I started running TAB boards in the Summer of 2014. My original motivation for starting the TAB business was that I have worked with the owners and leaders of many private businesses, large and small, throughout the last 20 years of my career.

In my experience, the most successful business owners benefit from really good independent advice. I have seen first-hand the value that boards of directors provide to the larger businesses that I have both worked in and for but not all businesses have a fully-fledged internal board of directors.

While consultants, non-executive directors, family members and employees can provide a useful sounding board, it is only business owners that can truly appreciate what other business owners are going through.

So, when I learned about TAB and the model of establishing Business Owner Advisory Boards I immediately felt that I had found the perfect vehicle through which to offer the experience that I have accumulated over my career, express my passion for owner managed businesses and to make a real difference to the lives of the business owners.

I bring together business owners and leaders from non-competing sectors in a confidential group setting – similar to a board of directors – and each month members identify opportunities and solve the challenges that they face in their own companies. These board meetings are linked by personal 121 sessions with myself to focus on the outcome of the meeting and help members drive their business forward.

My board members are a mixture of entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses and who have grown them very successfully along with business leaders. All of my members are keen to know what they don’t know and they see their TAB Board as the perfect forum to learn this.

They have bonded with each other at a very profound level and are deriving tremendous value from being part of a TAB Board. They all now make bigger, better, faster decisions.

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more with a quick telephone chat, meeting for an introductory coffee, attending one of my boards as a guest or attending one of my ‘Taster Board Meetings’.

Discover the benefits of advice from others like you

Start with you

Focus on what you want in life and how your business can help get you there.

Increase profitability

Be held accountable to meet your business targets.

Improve decisions

Take control of your decisions through peer support and proven planning tools.

Make better time choices

Spend your time well by utilising the experience of others.

Become a better leader

Motivate your people with the guidance of peers and an expert coach.

Plan a successful exit

Get the best result for you with tailored, hands-on support.

What our members say...

"TAB is an independent thought process, away from the influences and pressures of work. In the day-to-day job, you can get drawn into distractions, you often don’t have time to think, and you’re just firefighting problems. However, with TAB, getting out of the office and speaking with the board for the 3-4 hours we have together allows me to think more independently."

David Scalley, AJT Engineering

"I have a debt of gratitude to TAB after a 400% turnover boost. I can’t speak highly enough of The Alternative Board. It has made a huge difference to our agency. It’s something I would encourage business owners to think about. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the growth we have without TAB."

Adam Bell, Moment

"TAB has given me coaching sessions, focusing on the positive elements of my business and helping to grow and develop during what is probably the most difficult trading period we have encountered. TAB has also invited me to a monthly board meeting where I joined six existing members, all of whom have extensive business experience and have provided me with some invaluable advice, guidance and accountability."

Kelly Smith, Juice Personnel

"Having a Peer Board is an amazing asset to me. It’s a safe and supportive environment where you get the support of other business owners who are committed to your success. It’s allowing me to be candid and get different views on sorting out knotty problems."

Professor Deborah Eyre, High Performance Learning

"Before TAB, I didn’t really have anyone I could talk to about business issues. Getting reassurance from my board on things I’m thinking of doing gives me more confidence to get on with it. I really value the openness of my board and facilitator, which allows me to say what I’m feeling and thinking.  I’m now making longer-term plans and decisions about the business.  As a result, I enjoy running the business more because I know we’re heading in the direction, rather than focusing on short-term fixes."

Geoff Hunt, Hey Group

"I always feel uplifted and more confident following a board meeting.  The challenges we face as business owners are invariably those shared by the other board members. Bringing them to the table puts them in perspective and usually provides several options on how to tackle them.  Support, being non-judgemental and really trying to understand each other's businesses help make the meetings fun, enjoyable and, most of all, invaluable to the growth and well-being of my own business.  The regular one-to-ones help build on this with tough constructive advice.  I would be lost without the support of TAB."

Jan Buckett , JMB Accounting

Start your TAB journey

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 Chat about whether TAB is right for you and your business.

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