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Helping business leaders feel more fulfilled since 1990

How can business leaders feel fulfilled in their businesses, in themselves, and in their personal lives?

That’s the question Allen Fishman had over thirty years ago.

Picture the scene – its 1990 and Allen, a business owner, was finding his board of directors to be extremely valuable to him. This leads him to question – what about business owners whose companies don’t have a board of directors? Or do they have one but want external perspectives? Where do they go for advice? With that spark of inspiration, Allen launched TAB’s first business advisory board in 1990.

“I identified what seemed to me to be the greatest need of private business owners: the need for peer advice from fellow business owners and coaching from experienced professionals.”

As a business owner himself, Allen knew how much personal life can become intertwined with business life. Every decision he made had a potential impact on all aspects of his life. Both his personal and business life were responsible for creating the dynamics of what gave him a fulfilling career as an entrepreneur.

We believe this is possible for every business owner. That’s why we do what we do.

TAB exists to allow business owners and leaders to run stronger businesses and lead more fulfilling lives. We have helped thousands of them grow their businesses, increase profitability, and achieve their personal goals. It’s about helping leaders identify what they want from their business and what they need to do to get there.

TAB started as one business advisory board. grew into operations in 23 countries worldwide and has helped over 25,000 business owners improve their business and their lives. And what about in the UK specifically? It’s no different. Having been in operation since 2009, we know the value we provide to our members, who stay for an average of four years – even more impressive with the fact that we operate on a month-by-month basis and don’t tie anyone into a long-term contract.

Hear from our members

Here are some thoughts from our members about how our combination of business advisory boards, expert one-to-one coaching sessions, and the use of our Business Builder’s Blueprint platform have given them more fulfilling lives:

  • "I realise that when times are hard, I need to be at my best and my TAB Board have helped me get my ‘mojo’ back.  They show empathy, understanding and importantly hold me accountable to things I say I’ll do! TAB made a great difference to me when I needed to make some tough decisions for our office structure.  I’m pleased that we have implemented changes and have a new streamlined and dynamic environment which I’d have struggled to achieve on my own." – Adrian Wing, KCA Ltd and Extreme Designs Ltd
  • “Well, what can I say? My TAB Facilitator has a knack of putting together groups that support each other, hold each other accountable and raise each other up. They reflect all the best bits of yourself and help you grow, but give you space to just be when you're struggling. 

    In my 121's, I'm able to go through everything so calmly and methodically, helping me to feel in control, and like everything is achievable. 

    On the boards everything comes together, and each person has an angle that allows them to step back and see your own challenge in a way that you cannot. I was not ready for how much being part of one of Rick's boards would change my life, and the way I view myself.” - Nicole Windley, Broadoak Studios

  • “My working life before TAB was extremely challenging and often pretty lonely. My TAB Facilitator came in to discuss our flexible office membership packages, Quay Life. What was supposed to be a 20-minute conversation with a potential client turned into a two-hour chat that soon changed my life for the better as the subject turned to where I was with the business and the stresses and strains that I faced as a business owner. I'd have no hesitation in recommending TAB. It has changed my working life – which in turn has made me a happier person.” Anna-Marie Eardley, Waterloo Quay Properties

So, what started as one man’s vision and one group of business owners sitting around a table tackling each other’s challenges, has grown into a dynamic worldwide community. That’s not a surprise to us though, when we experience first-hand how TAB can take business leaders from feeling like they’re sinking to becoming empowered, supported, and fulfilled.

Download our guide: "19 Reasons You Need An Advisory Board"


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