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Tips on how to move your business online

Moving your business online is one of the best ways to future proof your business and ensure it can continue operating if something were to go wrong. Many of the most successful businesses operate online and this is down to careful planning and solid execution. According to research from Growth Intelligence, more than 85,000 businesses have launched online in the past four months. This indicates just how important this kind of change is in 2020.

In this blog, I am going to offer up some tips to help you move your business online. Every business is different, but these basic tips should help most out.

Plan your move

Recently, a lot of business owners have almost been forced to move their business online. This has led to websites being rushed and mistakes being made. While it can be tempting to move your business online as soon as possible, careful planning can go a long way. There are many factors to consider including the set-up of the website, the cost and integration of payment methods. If you don’t plan your move, this could backfire. Try to set a budget and be ready to adjust this when you actually speak to a developer who will work on the project. It might cost more than you think.

Consider existing platforms

Many people think that to move your business online, you need to set up your own website. This is not always the case as there are cheaper and easier ways to do this. Say, for example, you were running a restaurant that wanted to move online. Services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo can provide a platform to make things a bit easier. Uber Eats has seen a massive increase in customers over the past few months and this is due to the large number of restaurants using this platform. This is also the case for businesses that sell products with sites like eBay and Etsy at your disposal.

Use the right social channels

Another aspect to consider when you try to move your business online is the social channels that you will use. Social media is one of the key marketing tools that small business owners are using in 2020. Of course, not every channel will put you in front of your target audience, so you need to do some research. Set up your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn channels and you’ll be on track to getting your business online. It might also be useful to let existing customers know about the move, and social media can be a great way of achieving this. Make sure to link your social channels to your website to connect your business online.

Get expert advice

If you are struggling to get your business online, it might be useful to get some expert advice from others who have already done so. At The Alternative Board Glasgow, we have plenty of business owners who are happy to offer advice and share tips on various aspects of business. It can often be useful to hear from those who have been there as they’ll usually be able to offer advice on what to do and what to avoid. You'll be surprised by how much business owners can learn from each other.

If you get in touch today, we can put you in touch with those who can help. This way, you can get your business online without too much hassle and make sure that it has been futureproofed. Online shopping has skyrocketed over the past few months and this trend is set to continue.


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