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Hywel Parry, a new TAB member for North Staffs!

We are really pleased to introduce you to Hywel Parry, a founding member of our first North Staffordshire Board.Hywel Parry

Hywel is the owner of Limetrees vets, a veterinary practice with a hospital in Stoke-on-Trent and clinic in Cheadle.  The practice has 45 staff and provides both general and referral veterinary services.  Hywel leads the business whilst also practicing as a vet.  Having qualified as a vet in Edinburgh in 1997, Hywel joined the practice after a short period of travel and became a partner in 2007.  Hywel helped to develop the veterinary hospital that is the centre of the practice today and is now the sole owner of Limetrees.

Hywel was attracted to TAB by the chance to meet business owners from other sectors.  Having already gained from being a member of a vet specific peer group Hywel felt that a TAB board would provide a wider business perspective and greater support to him in building his business and supporting him as a business leader.

Hywel has found TAB to be a positive experience, particularly at a very uncertain time.  “It’s been an eyeopener to find that the issues faced and often the solutions to business issues are actually similar for different industries.  At the same time, the different perspectives my Board has bought to my challenges has been fantastic.  TAB has so far delivered on what it promised and the 1-2-1 support from Peter Harris, my TAB facilitator, has been invaluable.  My board and Peter have helped me tease out things I knew I needed to do but also brought fresh thinking and accountability.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Peter and the Board to grow Limetrees and receiving from them the support and accountability I need to do that.”


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