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How to authentically engage your customers

Engagement has been a buzz word for a while now. We are constantly told that we need to be more engaging. We need to engage our staff and we must engage our customers in order to meet our business goals. So – how do you engage your customers without forcing it?

The short answer is that this isn’t always easy to achieve right away but there are some steps that you can take. Find out some of our tips for authentically engaging your customers below.

Build a community

One of the best ways to engage your customers authentically in 2020 is to build a community. You need to allow your customers to start a dialogue with you and each other. Usually, this is best achieved on social media but there are other routes. To do this authentically, ask questions, offer your own take on trends and get your customers involved in the discussion. If you are using the right channels for your business, you’ll be able to do this easily enough. The larger your community, the higher your traffic will be.

Lead with content

It can be tempting to constantly push your new products and services on your customers but is this really the right way to go about it? You need to lead with content and worry about products later. If the content is useful to your customers, they’ll engage, and this is key. The more engaging your content, the better the results so don’t waste this opportunity. Offer value and you’ll notice the impact in no time. If you are struggling to find valuable content, it might be worth checking out your competitors. Are they creating their own or sharing others’ content?

Put a face on your business

Customers typically respond well and will engage with a business that has a face. Is your business faceless? Do your customers know how you started or who works for you? Once you start telling your story, your customers will become emotionally connected. Consider introducing yourself, putting the spotlight on a team member each month or selecting a brand ambassador. When selecting a brand ambassador, you must also consider selecting an internal brand ambassador. Customers will connect and authentically engage when your business has a face that they can trust.

For more information on branding, read our book chapter on 'Strong Brand Equals Strong Profits.'

Ask for feedback

Have you ever thought about asking your customers for feedback? People often feel as though their voices are not heard so if you can give them a platform, they will be more likely to engage. Asking for feedback can be done in a number of ways. You can ask for reviews, send out a survey or connect with customers in person. Make sure to use as much of the feedback as you can. Customers will take note and learn to trust your business just that bit more over time.

Get more advice

If you are still struggling to authentically engage with your customers, you should consider getting some additional advice. At The Alternative Board Glasgow, we offer expert advice that we have already put into practice. We’ll show you how to put these tips into practice.

When you join our board, you can meet other business owners who have engaged and succeeded with their strategies. What better way to build your business than by asking those who already have? Get in touch with Campbell Ure today to find out more.


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