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10 Traits of Exceptional Leaders: What Makes a Good Leader Stand Out

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AVERAGE LEADERS raise the bar on themselves;
GOOD LEADERS raise the bar for others;
GREAT LEADERS inspire others to raise their own bar.

- Orrin Woodward


Ready to take control at work? If so, you've come to the right place! 

Our secret sauce for becoming a successful leader is inspiring and motivating your employees and colleagues.

It takes more than just telling them what to do - it requires excellent communication skills and an understanding of roles and expectations to foster a fantastic team environment. 

Check out these top tips if you're ready to level up your leadership game!


1. Integrity

A leader without integrity is like a cake without batter - ultimately hollow and unfulfilling. Good leaders have sound moral character and are willing to put their values ahead of popularity or ease when making decisions.

2. Vision

Successful leaders know exactly what they want to achieve and can express their aspirations in a way that will leave others feeling motivated, enthusiastic, and ready for action.

3. Strategic thinking

A good leader can think strategically and make informed decisions based on a thorough analysis of the situation.

4. Communication skills

A great leader is all about the art of communication. They know how to share their ideas, actively hear different opinions effectively, and expertly express themselves clearly and succinctly- that's just scratching the surface!

5. Emotional intelligence

A good leader is made, not born - and the secret ingredient to their success lies in emotional intelligence. Meditatively aware of themselves and those around them, they craft a positive atmosphere that nurtures growth for all team members.

6. Adaptability

Leaders are masters of change. They can quickly identify and respond to emerging trends, bring ingenuity with their creative solutions, and remain flexible in the face of ambiguity - all while keeping their cool! 

7. Collaboration

A great leader doesn't go it alone – they foster successful collaboration by building strong relationships and working together with team members, colleagues, and stakeholders. A well-rounded approach to any problem requires a joint effort.

8. Inclusivity

A leader worth their salt creates a space where diversity is celebrated, and all feel appreciated - no matter what. It's essential to foster an atmosphere of inclusivity because everyone deserves unbridled respect.

9. Responsiveness

A great leader is the ultimate team player, guiding and encouraging their squad with an open ear to any helpful advice. They know when to lend a hand—or shoulder—and always ensure that everyone's needs are heard and met!

10. Inspiration

Leaders can do much more than give orders - they possess the spark that lights a fire from within and drives people to strive for greatness. Great leaders are like stars, lighting up their surroundings and guiding everyone around them towards success!


The bottom line

Anyone can become a great leader with the right mindset and dedication. By understanding the key traits of successful leaders and actively working to develop them, you can take control of your professional development and become a leader that inspires and motivates those around you.

Remember, leadership skills are not just for presidents and CEOs - every person can develop their leadership abilities and make a positive impact on those around them. So, don't wait - start cultivating your leadership skills today and set yourself up for success in the future.


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