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Look Back In Anger

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Look Back In Anger

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Issue 345

Welcome Back

To start with an apology … and an invitation.

The apology is to the legion...oh, all right, a small but select, happy band of faithful followers of The Bluffington Post, which ran to 344 editions every week (sort of) up until COVID. The last edition in June 2020 (*gulp*) finished with “The Post will return", and here it is, albeit with a delay, which even Northern Rail would be proud of.

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New Readers

This invitation is to new readers. The Bluffington Post will be published every fortnight, and each fun-packed edition will feature a (reasonably) serious 'Business Bit', along with some whimsical news items you may have missed.

That's not all though...I'll also include a few heart-warming quotations to offer some light relief from inflation/elections/energy prices/Rwanda/Nigel Farage/the Post Office/the weather/Forest’s defence … (please cross out which – if any – don’t apply). All you have to do is read it!

Enough already – on with the motley.

Business Insights

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The Destructive Power of Anger

A recent study reveals that anger (arguably the most potent of emotions) is potentially even more destructive than previously thought. It has harmful effects not only on you (your blood vessels are affected for forty minutes even after you’ve calmed down) but also on your relationships with others. Rage can cause you to do (or say) things which can’t be taken back and can have long-term effects – it makes you have a more hostile view of the world and be less trusting of others.

The Value of Perspective

Everyone throws a wobbly (if not crockery!) occasionally, but how can you get out of the habit? It comes down to mindset (as so many things do). Having a sense of perspective and regularly developing it helps you to see things more objectively.

Imagine if you had access to a group of seven other independent business owners who you meet every month and who will not only give you a different perspective but also robust feedback, support, and advice, with no axe to grind?

If this sounds attractive, you know where to come

Whimsical News

Moving swiftly on, here’s some flotsam and jetsam you may have missed in the meejah recently:

Language Evolution: Gen Z Slang

One of the sure signs of advancing age is that language continues to change (and not always for the better hem hem).

A recent survey (who funds all these?) revealed that some tried and trusted insults are dying out, including “tosspot”, “toe rag”, “pillock”, “plonker”, and “prat”. Gen Z (whatever that is) prefers jibes such as “Karen” (meaning entitled or too demanding).

Other Gen Z slang includes “that’s calm”, “that’s beg”, “motive”, “peng”, and “leng” (answers at the end of the post – but no cheating!)

AI Mishaps: The Case of Fr Justin

The march of AI is not without the occasional bump in the road – Fr Justin (a computer-generated Roman Catholic priest developed in California – where else? – to answer questions about Catholicism) has been defrocked after “going rogue” (including hearing confessions, giving absolution, and giving penance). One wonders if these guys have previous (step forward, Liz Truss….)

Odd Animal Stories

… and there is the usual crop of animal stories –

  • Exotic spiders (including the false wolf spider and the green-fanged tube web spider) are “flourishing” in Britain (*eeek*)
  • You can now buy pig’s milk ice cream (*ugh*)
  • And the Ed’s favourite story of the week features a letter to the Times from Mr John Burscough. Commenting on recent letters about attaching warning bells to cats and bicycles (though presumably not at the same time – Ed), Mr B recalled advice to hikers in the wilds of the USA to carry pepper spray and attach small bells to their clothing to alert grizzly bears to their approach…. “another suggestion is to be on the lookout for the bears’ droppings, which typically smell of pepper and contain small bells”

Columbo Corner

Finally, to Columbo Corner (“one last thing, sir”). To mark the feast day of St Honoré (the patron saint of bakers – as any fule kno), France is issuing a new postage stamp featuring the baguette – and it's scratch and sniff (“transferring bakery fragrances all over the world”). There’s no news (yet) of whether other stamps may follow (croissants? camembert? …) (that’s enough fragrant philately – Ed).

Inspirational Quotes

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  • “When angry, count four. When very angry, swear” - Mark Twain
  • “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” - Maya Angelou
  • “I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back” - Zsa Zsa Gabor
  • “Always respect Mother Nature – especially when she weighs 400 lb and is guarding her baby” - James Rollins

Board Announcements

For a light-hearted look at some of what TAB does, check out this video:

I presently run two Boards: 

  • Blue (for people who run large businesses) – one spare seat
  • White Board (for people who run fast-growing businesses) — three spare seats

Get in touch if you want to find out more.

The slang (answers)

  • “That’s calm” = I agree
  • “That’s beg” = I don’t agree
  • “Motive” = a group of friends (e.g. to go to the beach/clubbing etc.)
  • “Peng” = Good
  • “Leng” = Fanciable

We've got boards running across the UK

Discover more by finding your nearest TAB board facilitator.

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