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Strategic Planning Made Easy: Tips for Driving Growth and Success

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As a small business owner, are you constantly juggling multiple tasks, leaving little time for strategic planning? You're not alone. Many CEOs and business owners find the process daunting, demanding, and time-consuming.

Is strategic planning keeping you up at night

What if we told you there's a simple solution to make strategic planning less overwhelming for you and your team? Enter the "strategy planning day," a dedicated time to break free from the mundane and unlock your creativity to generate new and innovative ideas.

Embrace a Focused and Productive Approach

Say goodbye to distractions and work demands, and hello to a focused and productive day that will take your business to the next level. A strategy planning day provides a structured environment to tackle this critical task, allowing you to concentrate on the important actions that will drive your business forward.

Crafting a Successful Strategy Planning Day

When it comes to strategic planning, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. The structure of your planning day will depend on your business's unique needs and circumstances.

So, what fundamental elements should you include to get the most value for your time and resources? Let's dive in!

A skilled facilitator

David Roberts Board

David Roberts, TAB Facilitator in North-East Wales, with his board members

While it may be tempting for the CEO or MD to lead the strategy discussion, an objective third party with facilitation skills can ensure a productive and open dialogue.

A skilled facilitator with no vested interest in the outcome can encourage everyone to share their thoughts openly and contribute to the discussion.

This approach helps generate fresh ideas, identify potential roadblocks, and develop a solid action plan for your business's growth and success.

Clear objectives

James Ross Peer Board-1James Ross, TAB Facilitator in Nort Chilterns, with his board members

Clearly define the objectives for the session to provide clarity and focus, keeping your team on track.

By doing so, you can generate new and innovative ideas, make informed decisions, and develop an effective action plan to drive your business forward.

Furthermore, understanding the "why" behind the planning session is equally important to ensure that every decision aligns with your overall business objectives.

Outside-the-box thinking

Martin Munro Board

James Ross, TAB Facilitator in Nort Chilterns, with his board members

Set aside dedicated time for brainstorming. This bit should have no prescribed limits, and team members should be encouraged to share even their most unconventional solutions for persistent business problems. 

By fostering an environment of creativity and openness, your team can generate innovative ideas that can lead to practical resolutions for your business challenges.

Set boundaries

Ed Rich Board 2023Elliot Rich, TAB Facilitator in York, with his board members

While it's important to encourage free-ranging discussion during the strategic planning day, introducing some limitations into the conversation can help overcome commonly held misperceptions. 

By setting constraints, you can provide a common point of reference for your team when identifying strategies to eliminate or overcome hurdles. 

This approach helps ensure everyone is on the same page and can work together to develop practical solutions that align with your business objectives.

SWOT analysis

Someone doing a SWOT analysis

By analysing your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, you can better understand your position in the market. This analysis sets the foundation for future strategy sessions and frames a broader discussion of your business's goals and objectives. 

A comprehensive SWOT analysis helps you identify potential roadblocks and opportunities, leading to more informed decision-making and an effective action plan.

A list of action steps

Creating a list of tangible actions to take back to the office during your strategy planning day is important. 

Assigning a timeline for completion to each action ensures that everyone involved is held accountable, and you can monitor progress efficiently. 

By setting these clear deadlines, you can maintain momentum and ensure that the ideas generated during the strategic planning day are translated into action, driving your business forward.


Don't let the thought of strategic planning overwhelm you. By incorporating these key elements into your strategy planning day, you can make the most of your time and resources and set your business on the path to success.


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