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Six Ways Business Owners Can Thrive This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and we only have a few weeks of business left of 2021. With the pandemic still ongoing, many people are focusing on what Christmas 2021 will look like. Regardless of what happens though, December is a key time for business owners and leaders to reflect on last year and look ahead to what goals, targets, and expectations they want to set for 2022.

So, what are the best things a business owner can do during the festive period?

1. Be Kind to Yourself

With the way our working lives have changed over the last (nearly) two years, many of us are trying to perfect our work-life balance on a new level. There are things business owners should consider when thinking about work-life balance, especially that it's not necessarily a balance but a harmony. It seems that in the run-up to this Christmas more than any other, we are struggling to find harmony between getting back to work, in the office, or otherwise, and maintaining some of the things we enjoyed about the slower pace of life during lockdown. So, one way that business owners can look to thrive this Christmas is by giving themselves a break. Don't stress or beat yourself up about how much you're working. If it's something you feel you need to change, then change it but don't strive to get it right straight away. Be kind to yourself.

2. Complete Those ‘Put Off’ Business Tasks

Many businesses close or have less staff working over Christmas and New Year, and it’s certainly a time when the phones, emails, and general enquiries are much quieter. So, its a great time to get those ‘put off’ tasks ticked off.

How can you take advantage of that?

Make a list & delegate

Make a list now of all the large, non-priority jobs that could be completed when business is a bit slower. Then, either schedule in time to complete those tasks yourself or delegate them to your staff before Christmas arrives. Alternatively, if you're open, they could be action for between Christmas and New Year. That way, those ‘put off tasks’ will be done and dusted, and you can start the new year more organised and ready to tackle the business challenges and opportunities that January will bring.

3. Finalise Your New Year Business Plan

Many people have personal New Year’s Resolutions such as eating less chocolate, being more organised or improving their fitness regime, but what about your business resolutions and plans?

Get your team to produce their 2022 plans

Teams who have a clear plan for the new year ahead of closing the office for Christmas are more likely to ‘hit the ground running’ and have a better start to the business year when they return. So, consider the following questions:

  • When will your team be producing their plan for 2022?
  • Which departments or members of staff need to be involved in creating the plan?
  • Have you reflected on the last year and what changes should be made to improve the business next year?
  • How will you communicate the plan so that everyone knows their part and how they can contribute to the business’ success in 2022?
  • What are your goals and objectives for the next five years and what tactics will you use to achieve them in 2022?

4. Improve Your Staff & Culture Management

As a business owner, you need to decide whether you have been satisfied with the performance of your people this year and whether the way you managed them was effective.

Think About Staff Performance

It might be a good idea to do some thinking over the festive period about how you organise your people better to drive team alignment and higher performance in 2022.

Consider these things:

  • Have you got the right people in your business? Do they share your business values?
  • If they are the right people, are they in the right role?

Think About Your Company Culture

The Christmas period could be a great time, when things may be quieter, to decide the ways in which you can make your company an even more enjoyable place to work. Write a list of your thoughts in preparation to take them to your leadership team in 2022. Here are some top tips about building an effective company culture.

5. Use the Christmas Period for Recruitment 

Are you looking to expand your team in 2022? You might be thinking it’s best to wait until the new year to begin the recruitment process for your business but may be consider getting started sooner.

Get in touch with recruiters

The festive period is notoriously a quiet time for recruitment consultants so they will potentially spend more time dedicated to your campaign to find you the next talent to join your team. Candidates are likely to be at home, relaxed and probably more flexible out of work to take calls, and if they’re looking for a fresh start in 2022, they may very well be searching social media and job sites for new opportunities. So, don’t delay!

6. Relax and Recharge

Above all, we recommend that you take this Christmas period to take some time for yourself, your friends and your family. Christmas should be a time when you relax and recharge so you’re raring to go when business starts again in the new year.

Plan your time out of business

And in the spirit of balancing your work life with leisure, why not take the Christmas period to talk over and organise your holidays for next year? This means you have something fulfilling to look forward to when inevitably your business starts taking up a lot of your time and challenges you to make those tough decisions. Once this starts you might lose the time to organise your time away, so spend the Christmas period doing it, then you have it all booked in!

And there you have it, our top tips for how business owners can start using the Christmas period effectively and get ready for the year ahead!

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