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Thames Valley business expands to meet demand from local SMEs

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The Alternative Board (TAB) Thames Valley West has appointed Alistair Clarke as a Partner as it expands to meet local demand for business support.

Marlow-based TAB was established by David Abbott in 2017 to support local business owners and their leadership teams through the provision of peer board meetings alongside business advisory, planning and coaching services. The business is now working with over 20 Thames Valley businesses.

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Alistair's appointment supports increased demand for TAB, which has become renowned locally for helping business owners achieve both personal and professional goals. Alistair brings a wealth of experience as a chartered accountant to TAB, having worked in large corporations and run innovative startups, including London’s first 100% Electric taxi firm. Alistair lives in Marlow and is keen to use his professional experience to support the local business community.

"I am delighted to be able to expand TAB’s offer across the Thames Valley through partnering with Alistair," commented David Abbott, owner of TAB Thames Valley West. "Alistair was himself a TAB member and the enthusiasm and expertise that he brought to peer board meetings always stood out as exemplary. To have him now supporting business owners from a position of personal success in growing and exiting businesses is fantastic. I am confident that Alistair will be a great asset as we provide business owners across the Thames Valley with the highest level of leadership guidance and support.”

Alistair will be responsible for driving the growth of TAB Thames Valley West, working closely with local businesses to help them achieve their goals and objectives. He will also be responsible for developing new relationships as well as expanding the company's reach and presence in the local community.

“Joining TAB was pivotal in helping me to manage my own businesses better and I am now ready to do the same for others,” commented Alistair. “I strongly believe that small to medium sized enterprises have a key role to play in delivering local employment opportunities and creating a thriving community for current and future generations. I want my kids and their peers, to have the option of securing good jobs locally, avoiding the need to relocate to big cities or spend significant time and money commuting to work. I therefore regard it as a privilege to have the opportunity to support local business leaders and entrepreneurs across the Thames Valley and am confident that my experience and training will enable me to help them achieve their personal and business goals.”

TAB Thames Valley West will be hosting free Taste of TAB events throughout November for business owners to experience the value TAB peer boards can deliver. For further information about the events or joining TAB, visit TAB - Thames Valley West or email Alistair at


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